Delivery Time

The delivery time of 2352888 depends on conditions as below:

Products In Store

For products in store, we can arrange shipping within 3 working days after payment, but it only supports for small quantity orders, which refer to no more than 50 pieces of each order.

Big Quantity

Customers order’s quantity above 50-100 pieces will be needed more time to prepare for shipping, Usually it will take 7-15 working days including the produce and testing time.

Customized Products provides injector’s OEM manufacturers for shell lettering, logo engraving, injector internal packaging, injector external packaging and labels customized with the following conditions:

The purchased of customized injector are not less than 10 pieces.
Customized injector packages no less than 1000 pieces.
Customized products involve the need of specify logo, the OEM manufacturer needs to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

As the customized products require big quantity and the customized programs are different, the delivery time of customized products needs to be negotiated according to specific